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Latin Name: Entandrophragma candollei

Family: Meliaceae - the Mahogany family

Other Common Name(s): tom-assie, Bouboussou rouge, Candollei, Diamuni; Esaka, Heavy mahogany, Heavy Sapele, Impompo, Kosipo-mahogani, Kosipo-mahogany, Lifuco, Omu, Penkwa-akowaa, Tshimaye rouge; Tshimaie tshikunze, Unscented mahogany

Suitable for Exterior/Interior Use
Interior and Exterior

Carving, Cabinetry, Exterior Trim, Flooring, Furniture, Interior Trim, Millwork, Moulding, Shipbuilding

Tropical West Africa, from Angola to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kosipo trees are found in semi-deciduous forests in wet soil.

General Description: The overall color is reddish brown with some purple tinting. Resembles Sapele but is a darker reddish-brown in color. The sapwood is clearly demarcated. The wood will darken in color with exposure to light. The grain is straight to interlocked with a course texture. There is often a ribbon effect shown in quarter sawn material. Often used as a substitute for both Mahogany and Sapele. Kosipo may have a blunting effect on blades. Pre-drilling is recommended. Considered an easy species to work with, Kosipo glues, stains and finishes well. This species is moderately resistant to rot and termites.

Price Range ($ least expensive, $$$$$ most expensive):

Working Properties
Machining: Good
Nailing: Good
Gluing: Good
Screwing: Good
Finishing: Good

Physical Properties
Weight (lbs/BF): 3.4-3.7
Specific Gravity: 0.62-0.69
Modulus of Rupture (psi): 16,464
Modulus of Elasticity (1,000 psi): 1135
Side Hardness (lbs): 1127

Additional Information
The common name Heavy Sapele refers to the fact that green Kosipo logs sink in water.

4/4 FAS
4/4 FAS - Quartered
5/4 FAS
5/4 FAS - Quartered
6/4 FAS
6/4 FAS - Quartered

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