Cabinet Planing

Rex Lumber Company uses double sided, 30” heavy duty cabinet planers equipped with straight high-speed steel knives. These knives are sharpened regularly to ensure a smooth finish. All lumber planed in the cabinet planer must first be “blanked” in the roughing planer to clean off mill/kiln dust and dirt as well as create uniform thickness. Cabinet planing is typically done after ripping to remove chipping from saw blades. Stock can be ripped from either one or both edges. Customers often purchase material planed 1/16” over final thickness to allow for sanding, especially for glued up panels. Our planing process allows for greater customization of your final product. No matter what your project calls for, or what species of wood you wish to use, we can accommodate your request.

Let Us Plane Stock for You

Our double-sided planer allows us to plane stock in one pass, rather than two passes required by single head planers, thus reducing time, allowing your staff to spend time on higher value operations. Wide Belt sanding is available after planing. Cabinet planer thickness capacity is up to 6” thick and as thin as ¼”. Width capacity is up to 28” wide.

Rex Lumber is committed to maintaining consistent quality across every piece of lumber. Our planing process guarantees a smooth and uniform surface, minimizing waste and reducing the need for additional sanding… all while offering fully customizable service, and tailoring planing specifications to meet your unique requirements.

Be sure to contact us with any questions about our planing process or to request a quote.


Once your lumber has been run through our cabinet planers, it can be sanded, if desired. Rex Lumber Company has a wide belt sander to sand flat boards and panels. This sander is used to sand flat material or wide flats on mouldings like base board using a stepped grit approach. It uses a single belt to sand one face. If both faces need to be sanded, then the material will need to be sent through the machine multiple times. The capacity of the wide belt sander is 1/4” to 5” thick, and as narrow as 1” up to 34” wide.


Rex Lumber Company also has the ability to provide glued-up blanks for panels, handrail, treads, posts, and wide or thick mouldings. Our glue-up capabilities allow us to make large mouldings from lumber species that are not typically available in the thickness or widths required by laminating stock to the proper size blank. We have the capability of gluing up blanks for both width and thickness.


Glue-up Applications

  • Stair treads: At Rex Lumber Company, we have the capability to produce both solid and glued-up stair treads in a variety of profiles, thicknesses, widths, and lengths. These treads are glued-up, clear one face, color matched, with 3 to 6 staves per piece, and are sanded to 120 grit. Treads with miter returns on one or both ends are available.
  • Stair risers: In addition to stair treads, we can also provide stair risers in a variety of species, widths, or lengths. Glued up risers are clear one face, color matched, and have 3 to 4 staves per piece.
  • Handrails: Handrails we produce can be made from solid stock, and/or glue up stock. Besides solid profiles we can also produce bending rail, including bending blocks, that can be steam bent to make curved and spiral rails.

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