Superior Wholesale Exterior MDF

Though they’ve become a regular part of many projects, it’s the functionality and versatility of wood-based composite panels that give them their universal appeal. Before recently though, the suitability of MDF panels for exterior and indoor use in wetter/more humid environments has been reduced and has limited many contractors and designers to a very narrow range of applications. But thanks to the tireless research and technological advances in wood acetylation, there’s now a high-performance and durable wholesale exterior MDF option. Tricoya® MDF panels are powerful and stable enough for use outside and in the most extreme conditions and open up unprecedented solutions in design and application.

Superior Exterior MDF

Technologically Treated & Trustworthy

Tricoya® MDF panels are the ideal choice for any outdoor or indoor wet-use project, specifically due to its combination of wood acetylation and years of proprietary research and investment into improving its functionality. The original acetylation process involves altering the wood’s chemical structure to create a new product that is modified right through the cross section, leaving it more dimensionally stable and more durable (since the treated wood is less digestible). By comparison, Tricoya® MDF panels are created using more sustainable wood elements that are recycled through the acetylation process. The finished product contains no unnatural chemicals or anything that wouldn’t naturally occur within it and adds no toxins to the environment.

Tricoya Wood Elements

Proven Performance Outdoors

When you’re trying to find the right paneling for an outdoor or indoor wet-use project, it needs to be able to stand up to many different environmental factors. For Tricoya® MDF panels, performance comes naturally – and that includes enhanced dimensional stability, durability, and fungal resistance. They’re designed from the ground up to absorb the worst of the elements and keep performing and looking beautiful. Extensive testing against other MDF products proves this to be true. In both a thickness swelling test (in which all products were soaked in water for 24 hours) and decay resistance test (in which all products were checked for decay over 32 months), Tricoya® MDF panels consistently proved to be the best wholesale exterior MDF option.

Tricoya Thickness Swelling

Tricoya Decay Resistance

What’s more, Tricoya® MDF panels have also undergone a rigorous 25 Cycle test to determine their strength. Each of the 25 Cycles included one Freeze-Thaw Cycle (2-3h freezing at -20 ºC, followed by 2-3h storage in water at 20 ºC) and one Wet-Dry Cycle (18h storage in water (> 5 ºC), followed by 6h storage at 60 ºC / 20% RH). Even after those 25 Cycles, the Tricoya® sample showed no signs of cracking, swelling, or delamination. The results speak for themselves – this is a seriously strong product capable of fitting into whatever your project calls for.

Applications Without Limitations

No matter the climate or region you’re working in, because Tricoya® MDF panels share the same technology and properties as Accoya® solid wood in panel form, they’re fit for many different applications. Anything from window shutters for homes in the heart of snow country, to sharp residential cladding in the heart of the sweltering downtown heat can find the right use for this versatile material. Along with its unique structural capabilities, every Tricoya® product is backed by a 50-year warranty above ground and a 25-year warranty in ground – so you can feel secure in the strength of your finished project.

There truly is a new breed of wholesale exterior MDF products available nowadays, and they can make your next project a snap to complete. The superior flexibility, design applications, and durability of products like Tricoya® can help you save on time and costs. Contact us today for a quote or to help find the right wood products for your next job.

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