Wholesale Custom Millwork

At Rex Lumber Company, we specialize in wholesale custom millwork and other value-added services to help you provide the best work possible for whatever your project requires. Regardless of whether you supply us with an existing sample, a CAD drawing, a sketch you designed, or a print from a catalog, we have the state-of-the-art equipment to match it perfectly. In addition to producing high quality millwork, we can re-manufacture your stock, rough or milled, to your specifications. We take great pride in servicing our customers with the quality they expect, from rough boards to finished mouldings. These capabilities make Rex Lumber the number one choice for wholesale lumber and fully customized finishing solutions.

Rex Lumber'sKnowledge

Rex has been serving the hardwood industry since 1946. Each of our four locations features a battery of helpful and knowledgeable inside salespeople. Our staff of outside salespeople are available at any time to meet with you and your workforce to discuss product knowledge, current projects, or to set-up stocking programs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for quotes on products or custom services, or to learn more about a specific product or value-added service.

Value-AddedCapabilities and Equipment

Put Rex Lumber’s Industrial Equipment to use for you! Below is a list of our custom millwork, specialty products, and non-wood items. Click on the service to view a detailed description.  If you do not see what you need then please ask one of our salespeople and we will be happy to assist you anyway we can. You can also contact us for quotes on any of these services.

  • Blanking or Cabinet Planing – Our heavy-duty, high-speed roughing planer removes dust and dirt and creates uniform thickness. Double-sided cabinet planers provide a smooth finish and greater customization.
  • Ripping – Rip one or both edges on rough lumber. Improve your yield and reduce waste with our straight line rip and gang rip services.
  • Resawing – We can resaw center, apply a resawn face to a moulder blank or finished moulding, or make skins using our multi-pass resaw.
  • Computerized Cut to Length – Our computerized, cut to length saw cuts lumber or mouldings and defects material. We make, optimize and defect cabinet, door, and stair parts, and create trim packs.
  • Moulding & Custom Mouldings – We make new moulding profiles, match profiles, and can re-run to similar profile to make them saleable.
  • Sanding – We provide flat wide belt sanding, profile sanding, and sand flat boards and panels. Our profile sander sands almost any moulding.
  • Priming – We offer interior/exterior water-based priming, interior/exterior alkyd (oil based) priming, and other custom finishing options.
  • Buffing – Our priming and buffing services smooth out primed surfaces and knocks down raised fibers.
  • Custom Finishing – Custom finishing options include sealers, stains and dyes, lacquer and other topcoats, bleaching oil, deck finish, and FRT coatings.
  • Kiln drying – We have 500,000 BF of kiln capacity with dry kilns located in our Englishtown, New Jersey and Acton, Massachusetts locations, and experienced kiln operators to dry lumber to your specifications.
  • End-matching – Our end-matching equipment can apply T&G profiles to the ends of flooring and paneling.
  • Glue Up – Our glue-up capabilities allow face gluing up to 6” thick, edge gluing up to 28” wide.

Our years of experience have taught us what it takes to produce wholesale custom millwork for even the most demanding customers. We take pride in our quality and integrity and keep perfecting our finishing processes. In 1995, we added a vacuum coating system in our priming process and began custom spray finishing in 2008. We look forward to expanding our locations and list of offerings long into the future. If you have any questions about a possible custom project, please contact us today.

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