Computerized Cut-to-Length & Cut To Length

Rex Lumber Company has a computerized cut-to-length saw capable of cutting lumber or mouldings to length and defecting the material based upon either standard specs or a customer’s unique specifications.

The most basic option we can provide is trimming ends square and/or trimming out end splits.  This operation can be completed on one of several manual crosscut saws throughout the company.  When more complex cutting is required, we use our computerized cut-to-length saw, which can be used to cut for several different options depending on our customers’ needs.  The following are some of the computerized cutting options.

Specific SizeNo Marking

Which means that the first end is trimmed then the piece is cut at specific intervals. An example would be cutting 30” pieces from a Western Red Cedar T&G. The saw is set to cut the leading edge and then make a cut every 30” the entire length of the piece. There is no optimization or defecting in this option.

Defecting toCrayon Marks

The operator marks defects in the piece of wood to be cut using a special lumber crayon. The defects can be selected based on standard specs or to meet your custom specifications. The saw reads the crayon marks and automatically cuts out the defects that are marked, and random length pieces are provided. An example of using this option is hardwood flooring defected to Rex Select Grade. The operator marks the ends and defects based upon the Rex Select Flooring grade with crayon and random length flooring is provided.

Optimize Sizes Within Ends

Multiple length pieces are cut from each piece to optimize the usage and reduce the waste.  The computer measures the length of the board and decides how to best achieve the maximum yield based on the cutting lengths our customer has specified. This option does not take defects into account when making length decisions.  An example of this option is cutting random width or ripped lumber to rough lengths for cabinet makers to make glued up panels for raised panel doors.  This option also works well when cutting multiple length components from clear products such as MDF, PVC, plywood and/or clear lumber

Optimize Sizes Within Ends and Crayon Marks

This option combines the “Defecting to Crayon Marks” and “Optimize Sizes Within Ends” options.  Defects are marked with a crayon, again based on our customer’s needs, then the board is scanned by the computer.  The computer then determines how to cut around the marked defects and the ends to determine the best yield on the material. Examples include cutting lumber into clear components for cabinet frames, door parts, stair parts or furniture parts or to create “trim packs” for building projects where mouldings and S4S items are rough cut and designated for each room.

In addition to cutting lumber and mouldings, Rex can cut up customer stock such as MDF, PVC, plywood, siding, dimension, or other wood products.

The trimming capabilities of this machine have a tolerance of plus or minus 1/32”, which is acceptable in most applications other than applications with supercritical tolerances, like herringbone flooring.  The capacity of the machine is from ¼” to 3” in thickness; 1” to 12” in width; and 6” and longer in length.

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