Rex Lumber Company has the end-matching equipment to apply T&G profiles to the ends of flooring and paneling. Prior to end-matching, the material to be end matched is run through one of our moulders, the ends are trimmed square, and the material is possibly defected depending upon our customers’ specifications.

The end matcher is a feed-through machine. The stock is fed in, face down, from one side and a head carriage runs across the end of the piece. The carriage carries a scoring blade, which is used to minimize tear out on the end grain. Next, a cutter head cuts a tongue profile on the end of the stock. The stock continues to feed through the machine. As the tail end of the stock passes the head carriage, a second piece is fed into the machine. At this time, the carriage comes out, and scoring saws trim the ends. The cutter head not only cuts the tongue on the new piece, but it also cuts the groove on the first piece. The first piece exits the machine, the second advances into the machine, and a new piece is fed in. This process continues until all stock has been end matched.


  • Double groove or other patterns are available at additional setup and tooling charges
  • The machine is able to end match pieces 12” and longer that are a minimum of 3/4” (1/2” face) up to 10-1/4” wide (10” face.)
  • Most of the end-matching that we run is run with the Rex Lumber Company Standard T&G Butt Joint with Back Out and Relief. This ensures that the end profile will match the edge profile.
  • Additional flooring profiles such as bevels, radius, micro-bevels and non-standard T&G are available.

Benefits of End-Matching

Rather than trimming boards on-site, let us save you time and money with our End-Matching services.


  • Increases efficiency
  • Ensures boards fit snuggly together
  • Makes installation easy
  • Creates less waste

When it comes to installing end-matched paneling, the paneling does not need to butt on a stud. You can also say goodbye to face nailing. End-matching gives hardwood flooring a more consistent color and grain appearance. The seams between boards are inconspicuous and all the defects, blemishes and cracks have been removed.

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