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Wholesale Dentil Mouldings and Embossed Mouldings

What areDentil Mouldings?

A dentil moulding is an ornamental moulding that has a decorative tooth-like pattern in it. In fact, “dentil” is a noun from the Latin word dens, meaning tooth. The tooth-like appearance is often accomplished by running an insert. A series of rectangular grooves, or dados are cut into the insert piece at even intervals to form the toothed pattern. The insert can then be glued and or nailed in place and gives the appearance that the moulding is one solid piece.

While dentil mouldings have been used for centuries throughout history, particularly in classical Greek and Roman architecture, they are also found in a variety of modern interior and exterior architectural designs. The versatility in design style, variety of materials in which they are manufactured and variety of finishing options available make Wholesale Dentil Mouldings by Rex Lumber a timeless design element that adds ornamental visual appeal to any building exterior or interior space.

What areWholesale Dentil Mouldings used for?

Wholesale Dentil Moldings manufactured by Rex Lumber are decorative mouldings that can be used to add architectural character along a roofline on the exterior of a home or building, or interiorly as a wall or ceiling treatment, decorative detail, or focal point within a room.

Wholesale Dentil Mouldings have a wide variety of residential and commercial construction and renovation applications including:

  • Framing entryways, doors, and windows
  • Trimming kitchen cabinets
  • Adding character to focal points like fireplace mantels and bookshelves
  • Creating a cohesive design element to accentuate ceilings, walls, or stairs
  • Creating a sense of height in smaller rooms by drawing the eye up

While dentil mouldings are largely ornamental and can add beautiful, classical design and visual interest to any room, the decorative elements can provide structural support to a building’s exterior or interior walls as well. Home builders often use dentil moulding to give new home constructions an upscale look. Being visually repetitive by nature, wholesale dentil mouldings are often used in new construction, as they pair well with other decorative features that also repeat, such as staircase rungs.

There are various styles of dentil mouldings available on the market today. You’re sure to find the right Wholesale Dentil Moulding from Rex Lumber that’s perfectly suited to match your design style. If you cannot find a dentil moulding profile that meets your needs, please contact us. We will help you find the right moulding or can provide a custom dentil moulding option.

OrderWholesale Dentil Mouldings

Rex Lumber Company offers stock wholesale dentil moulding inserts in both Red Oak and Poplar. Our dentil inserts have multiple size and spacing customization options. Wholesale Dentil Mouldings manufactured in species other than Red Oak and Poplar are available as special orders.

Rex Lumber Company also offers several crowns and other mouldings designed to accept various dentil inserts. Custom profiles can also be designed or modified to accept dentil inserts. Please visit our online Moulding Catalog and view the Dentil category for a full selection of wholesale dentil moulding options we carry.

If after viewing our online Moulding Catalog, you cannot find a dentil moulding profile that meets your needs, please contact us. We will help you find the right wholesale dentil moulding solution or can provide you with a custom dentil moulding option to suit your purpose.


Measurements:1-3/16″ X 5-3/4″
Measurements:1-1/8″ X 3-7/8″
Measurements:1-3/16″ X 5-1/8″
Measurements:1-3/16″ X 3-13/16″
Measurements:1-5/16″ X 5-5/8″

What areEmbossed Mouldings?

Embossed mouldings are mouldings that have a decorative pattern pressed into the moulding in one of more places. The pattern is pressed into the pattern by using a special wheel with the pattern in it. Not only is pressure used, but the wheel is also heated, this helps the pattern to be embossed in the wood without tearing the grain.

Boasting Nearly100 Embossed Moulding Options

Rex Lumber Company has embossing equipment and close to 100 embossing wheels of different shapes and patterns. Our stock embossed mouldings can be viewed in our online moulding catalog. If you do not find an embossed moulding to meet your needs, we can design a custom moulding using our stock embossing wheels. Both stock or custom designed embossed mouldings can be included in a stock moulding program.

Most species of lumber can be embossed; the softer the wood the easier the process, but even hard species like Hard Maple can be embossed. Mouldings can have single embossed design or multiple embossed designs applied within the profile. Multiple patterns require multiple passes through the embossing machine.

Wholesale SpecialtyMoulding Options

Crowns and other mouldings may be ordered with the dentil inserts installed, or they can be shipped as separate parts and installed at a later time. Stock dentil and embossed mouldings can be included in a stock moulding program, or create your own custom combination of embossed and dentil mouldings to achieve a unique, highly ornate moulding.

Priming, sanding and finishing options are available on all of our Wholesale Specialty Mouldings. With Rex Lumber Company’s extensive millwork capabilities, we can coat almost all profiles, including ornate embossed or dentil moulding panels or components with a fire-retardant coating (FRT). The best time to apply finish to wood is immediately after machining, when it is clean and dry in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. That’s why Rex Lumber works to your specifications and can spray your Wholesale Specialty Moulding order with nearly any type of finish available. Learn more about the finishing options we offer.

We regularly ship our wholesale dentil and embossed mouldings from Maine to Miami and are competitively priced. All Rex Lumber trucks are equipped with curtain side beds to protect lumber and mouldings from weather and road dirt while in transport. We can also export around the world. Contact us to learn more about delivery options for your wholesale specialty moulding order.

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