Kiln Drying

500,000 BFKiln Capacity

Rex Lumber Company has 500,000 BF of kiln capacity with dry kilns located in our Englishtown, New Jersey and Acton, Massachusetts locations. The dry kilns use wood waste boilers that are fueled by saw dust and chips generated from our millwork operations.  We have extensive experience in drying green domestic and tropical lumber, often to rigorous specifications for specialty and musical instrument markets.  We pride ourselves in taking meticulous care, especially with white species that are prone to easily staining.  We use fluted or “Breeze Dry” stickers to try to avoid or minimize sticker staining. End sealing is used and stickers are placed every 12” and at each end of the pile to ensure flat boards with minimal end checking. Experienced kiln operators follow proven schedules and check samples regularly during the course of the drying process to ensure flat, straight, bright, stress-free lumber.

We also have the capability of custom drying your lumber to your specifications.

Benefits of Kiln Drying

Having the proper moisture content in your lumber is key to machining, gluing and finishing. After going through our kiln drying process, your lumber will be…
– Lighter
– Stronger
– More resistant to fungi and insects

​The Process

Lumber, sorted by species and dimensions, is loaded into the kiln. Steam flows into the kiln through pipes. A fan circulates heat throughout the kiln. The moisture will move to the surface of the lumber where it evaporates and is discharged from the kiln with hot air. The temperature and relative humidity of the kiln is controlled throughout the process so that the wood has the desired water content.

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