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Introducing the next generation of ultra-high-performance decking. Accoya® Color Grey Decking combines the beauty and benefits of real, natural, and sustainable wood with the high-performance durability of an enhanced material to create the ultimate decking solution for America’s living spaces.

The gorgeous Accoya® Color Grey Decking is colored completely through, from surface to core, delivering a premium and versatile look to match most any style. Sustainably sourced and non-toxic, its patented design and finishing process makes Accoya® Color Grey low maintenance and naturally insect resistant, with no coatings needed. The best part? It’s also barefoot friendly, making it a natural choice for any decking project.

Accoya Color

Accoya Decking:Unique Inside and Out

Acetylated wood branded as Accoya® is wood grown from sustainable sources and modified through a process called acetylation. This essentially modifies the balance of naturally occurring compounds in wood to improve its durability, stability, and other performance criteria. Acetylated wood is non-toxic, fully recyclable, and contains only naturally occurring wood compounds. The process significantly extends the service life of Accoya® and improves other performance characteristics of the wood without the use of toxins, giving greater confidence in its use. Using Accoya® wood in construction instead of carbon-intensive materials such as plastics, concrete and aluminum reduces the overall contribution to climate change.

Benefits ofAccoya Decking

  • Highly durable – Accoya® decking withstands the test of time, whatever the weather or climate
  • Highly stable – Accoya® decking has smaller gaps, a more even surface and stays smoother for longer
  • Low-Maintenance – Colored all the way through, designed for a lifetime of minimal maintenance and maximum enjoyment
  • Barefoot friendly – Accoya® decking remains cool in hot weather and is less prone to splinters
  • Nontoxic – Accoya® decking is safe for families, pets… and the planet.


Accoya Color Grey - Highly StableAccoya - Highly DurableAccoya - Insect resistantAccoya - Warranty


Accoya - Barefoot FriendlyAccoya - No Coating NeededAccoya - Color Throughout


Accoya - Sustainably SourcedAccoya - Non ToxicAccoya - Low Environmental Impact

How does Accoya Color compare toother decking products?

Accoya® Color decking tops other decking products, including WPC, IPE, and Western Red Cedar, on nearly every key benefit comparison measure.  Accoya’s closest rival in some categories may be WPC decking, or composite decking, made from a combination of plastic and wood. While WPC’s warranty and maintenance intervals match those of Accoya®, Accoya® bests WPC on it’s predictable, long-lasting lifespan, stability and ease of installation measures. While Accoya®’s lifespan is comparable to that of IPE (pronounced “ee-pay”), a Brazilian hardwood, it easily surpasses IPE on every other measure; Warranty, maintenance intervals, stability and ease of installation. Even Cedar Wood Decking, prized for its lightweight and naturally outdoor-tolerant properties is surpassed on every measure by Accoya® Color decking.
Accoya Color Grey Chart Small
Highly durable, Accoya® is checked and trusted not to visibly swell, shrink or distort, with minimal movement. A highly rot-resistant wood,  it withstands the test of any climate. Accoya® Color Grey Decking offers a 25 year residential warranty, giving you peace of mind that your decking is a worthwhile investment. It offers a 10 year warranty for Commercial Applications and residential use in the state of Florida*. These unmatched guarantees are testaments to the unprecedented reliability of Accoya®. *Subject to terms, conditions and restrictions
of the warranty at

For a more comprehensive comparison of wood species performance, please see the Accoya Color Technical Guide.


  • Size: 5/4 x 6″
  • Finished Deck Profile: 1″ x 5 3/4″
  • Lengths: 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16ft

Case Study: Accoya Color GreyDecking in France

Accoya® Color Grey Decking is beautiful, smooth to touch, and ideal for barefoot traffic, making it an effortless choice for this pool surround in France.

The homeowners will enjoy very little maintenance for years to come, as Accoya® Color Grey Decking will only require seasonal cleaning to keep it looking as good as new.

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Case Study:Relaxing Backyard Garden

Accoya® Color Grey decking creates an idyllic corner in this home garden terrace. The inviting oasis evokes relaxation in the midst of foliage, seamlessly intertwined with the natural and non-toxic real wood Accoya® Color Grey deck underfoot.

Colored through to the core, Accoya® Color Grey works well for this easy-going hideaway. A light seasonal clean will keep it looking great, while any furniture scuffs will virtually disappear, thanks to its unique color process.

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Case Study: Accoya ColorGrey Pool Cover in Switzerland

Made of Accoya® Color Grey, this sophisticated pool cover was built by RR Variationen GmbH for this a residence in Immensee, Switzerland. The pool cover can be easily pushed to the side when in use, and doubles as a deck surface for sunbathing. After swimming, the cover can easily be replaced over the pool.

Attractive, durable and dimensionally stable, Accoya® wood is a popular choice for pool covers and pool surrounds. Accoya® wood rarely warps and resists the elements, making Accoya® Color Grey an advantageous long-term decking choice.

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FrequentlyAsked Questions

Does Accoya® Color have a warranty like regular Accoya®?
Yes, Accoya® Color has a warranty of up to 25 years for decking applications.

Is Accoya® Color Non-Toxic?
Yes, an organic pigment is used to color the deck boards. Accoya® Color is 100% non-toxic and recyclable.

How does Accoya® Color compare to tropical hardwoods?
One of the most popular wood species used in the US for decking has been, until recently, Ipe. Click to learn the differences between Accoya® Color Grey and Ipe, to help decide what’s better for you.

How do I install Accoya® Color deck boards?

View Installation Guide

How can I cut Accoya® Color deck boards?

View Safety Data Sheet

How do I clean my Accoya® Color decking?

View Maintenance Tips

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