The Best Uses for Acetylated Wood

A Versatile Craftsman’s DreamAcetylated Wood


You know as well as anyone else that your customers’ needs are as varied as their projects. Whether they’re an architect, designer, or even a homeowner – they need the best tools and materials. Any outdoor project needs materials that are high-quality and built to last. So, whatever wood products you stock need to resist damages and maintain their beauty with minimal upkeep. That’s where acetylated wood really shines – its unique properties make it an ideal choice for a wide range of uses.

Any project that incorporates wood outdoors can benefit from acetylated wood products, such as Accoya. These are some of the most common uses for this versatile wood:

Sidings, Facades, and Shutters – Acetylated wood is an excellent choice for cladding, siding, and facades. Thanks to its long service life and durability, it requires much less maintenance and fewer coatings than other woods. Since the wood won’t warp or split due to inclement weather, it holds up the “flat” look many people try to achieve as well – completing an elevated aesthetic. These factors matter to architects and manufacturers when designing solar shading.

For the savvy client, the blend of wood’s natural beauty and acetylated strength makes it a natural choice.

Windows and Doors – Windows and doors obviously need to be built to last, and acetylated wood has the durability required and more. Its internal stability and natural insulation properties also help keep windows and doors standing strong. Your clients won’t have to worry about windows and doors becoming warped over time or becoming too difficult to open and close due to weather.

Coatings last longer, and windows and doors won’t need as much upkeep compared to other types of wood.

Bridges, Canals, and Marinas – Acetylated wood is perfect for any water-related project where longevity is your clients’ goal. The properties of the wood allow it to withstand direct ground and freshwater contact – making it a great choice for bridges or canals. Contractors and designers can find many creative uses for the material as well. “Floating” or “Moses” bridges go through water, rather than over it, and can last longer with acetylated wood.

Decking – The best decking, whether it’s for a home, park, or pathway, should avoid splintering. We may not think of it, but designers and contractors are considering people walking barefoot across the finished project. Acetylated wood is resistant to warping and splintering, no matter the conditions. It’s also resistant to retaining and projecting heat – so it won’t be uncomfortable to walk across barefoot. Decking made with this wood offers resilience, aesthetics, longevity – all year long.

Landscape Architecture – Maintenance is always a priority for outdoor or public projects. Acetylated wood’s ability to slow or reduce the effects of weather on finishes and coatings means it’s the perfect choice for these projects. Your clients can get creative with how they incorporate it into their work as well. Smaller planks can turn into large beams and timbers, all it takes is some glue laminate and time. Any manufacturer or contractor will surely find it useful for crafting modern furniture, structures, or even wooden light poles.

Peace of mind for your clients is essential, especially when they’re purchasing materials that are meant to last. Acetylated wood helps ensure that their next project will last longer and need less upkeep over time.


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