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Latin Name: Entandrophragma utile

Family: Meliaceae - the Mahogany family

Other Common Name(s): Abebay, Asseng Assie, Assi, Efuodwe, Kalungi, Liboyo, Mufumbi, Okeong, Sipo, Sipo Mahogany, Utile

Imported Hardwood

Suitable for Exterior/Interior Use
Interior and Exterior

Exterior Trim, Flooring, Moulding, Millwork, Shipbuilding, Furniture, Cabinetry, Turnings, Countertops, Interior and Exterior Joinery, Musical Instruments, Window Frames

Utile grows in West and Central Africa. Utile grows in different types of forests including deciduous, dry and transitional forests.

General Description: The sapwood is pale yellow to light brown in color and is well demarcated from the heartwood. The heartwood is a pinkish brown to a red brown, which can even have a purple tint. The grain is typically interlocked and can produce a ribbon figure but does not have the dramatic figuring of Sapele. The texture is medium to coarse.

Price Range ($ least expensive, $$$$$ most expensive):

Working Properties
Machining: Fair
Nailing: Good
Gluing: Good
Screwing: Good
Finishing: Good

Physical Properties
Weight (lbs/BF): 3.5
Specific Gravity: 0.53-0.66
Modulus of Rupture (psi): 11,100-15,270
Modulus of Elasticity (1,000 psi): 1,440-1,580
Side Hardness (lbs): 1260

Additional Information
Entandrophragma utile are slow-growing, deciduous trees. Also known as Sipo, these trees produce lumber with a rich red color and rot-resistant properties, making it suitable for exterior projects such as exterior siding. Utile lumber is a cost-effective alternative to mahogany that can be used for furniture, cabinetry, flooring, mouldings, countertops and veneer. This species glues, turns and finishes well. Discoloration may occur when placed in contact with iron.

Item Availability
4/4 FAS
4/4 Sel & Btr
4/4 Sel & Btr - Quartered
5/4 FAS
5/4 Sel & Btr
5/4 Sel & Btr - Quartered
6/4 FAS
6/4 Sel & Btr
6/4 Sel & Btr - Quartered
8/4 FAS
8/4 Sel & Btr
8/4 Sel & Btr - Quartered
10/4 FAS
10/4 Sel & Btr
10/4 Sel & Btr - Quartered
12/4 FAS
12/4 Sel & Btr
12/4 Sel & Btr - Quartered

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