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Latin Name: Tabebuia spp.

Family: Bignoniaceae - the Bignonia or Trumpet Creepe

Other Common Name(s): Amapa Priesta, Amapa, Bastard Lignum Vitae, Bethabara, Canaguate, Cortes, Cortez, Ebano Verde, Ebene Vert, Ipe, Flor Amarillo, Groenhart, Guayacan, Guayacan Plovillo, Hakia, Ironwood, Lapacho, Lapacho Negro, Madera Negra, Pau D'Arco, Pau Lope, Paulope, Polvillo, Surinam Greenheart, Tabebuia, Tahuari, Tahua

Imported Hardwood

Suitable for Exterior/Interior Use
Interior and Exterior

Decking, Exterior Trim, Flooring, Millwork, Mouldings, Turnings

The species that make up this group grow throughout much of Central and South America. These trees do not seem to have a preferential growing area, and is found in both wet and dry areas.

General Description: The sapwood is yellowish-white and easily distinguished from the heartwood which is olive-brown, but may have lighter and/or darker streaks. The grain and texture can very, but is typically fine in texture and can be uneven and interlocked.

Price Range ($ least expensive, $$$$$ most expensive):

Working Properties
Machining: Fair
Nailing: Fair
Glueing: Fair
Screwing: Good
Finishing: Poor

Physical Properties
Weight (lbs/BF): 5.2
Specific Gravity: 0.90-0.97
Modulus of Rupture (psi): 22,450-26,000
Modulus of Elasticity (1,000 psi): 2,900-3,120
Side Hardness (lbs): 3680

Additional Information
There is typically a yellow residue on the wood called Lapachol, which can cause skin irritations in some people. This species is very dense, hard and is typically used for flooring or decking. It is thought to be the premium decking wood for outside applications, as it is impervious to insects and weather. Carbide tooling is required when milling this material, and pre-boring holes for screwing and nailing is a must.

Item Availability
4/4 FAS Rough Dimension
4/4 FAS Nominal Dimension
5/4 FAS Rough Dimension
5/4 FAS Nominal Dimension
8/4 FAS Rough Dimension
8/4 FAS Nominal Dimension

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