Embossed Mouldings

Boasting Nearly100 Embossing Wheels

Rex Lumber Company has embossing equipment and close to 100 embossing wheels of different shapes and patterns.

Most species of lumber can be embossed; the softer the wood the easier the process, but even hard species like Hard Maple can be embossed.  Mouldings can have single embossed design or multiple embossed designs applied within the profile. Multiple patterns require multiple passes through the embossing machine.

The EmbossingProcess

Embossed mouldings are mouldings that have a decorative pattern pressed into the moulding in one of more places.  The pattern is pressed into the pattern by using a special wheel with the specific pattern in it.  Not only is pressure used, but the wheel is also heated, this helps the pattern to be embossed in the wood without tearing the grain.

Browse Our Selection ofStock Dentil Mouldings

Our stock dentil mouldings can be viewed in our online moulding catalog by checking the Embossed category. If you do not find an embossed moulding to meet your needs, we can design a custom moulding using our stock embossing wheels. Combinations of dentil and embossed mouldings can be made to achieve a highly ornate moulding.

Stock or custom designed embossed mouldings can be included in a stock moulding program. Sanding is available prior to embossing. Priming and finishing options are available.

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