At Rex Lumber Company we have industrial size bandsaw resaws to split lumber into thinner parts.  Unlike rip saws which rip lumber through the thickness to yield blanks at a specific width, a resaw will saw lumber through the width to make a blank the same width, but thinner.  An example of resawing a piece of 4/4 lumber in half would yield a blank that can finish at 1/4” thick after planing or moulding.

The ResawingProcess

In addition to resawing parallel to the faces, we do have the ability to adjust the angle.  The result to tilting the angle is that pieces are a trapezoid shaped instead or rectangular.  This option is mainly used for beveled siding but can also be used to produce moulder blanks for items that are tapered.  We can also resaw a face on a moulder blank or finished moulding to give the appearance of a freshly rough sawn face.

Our resaws use blades that are 3/16” thick and 7” wide, they have a capacity of resawing lumber that is a minimum of 3/4” thick up to 12” thick and is between 1” and 16” wide.

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