Custom Mouldings

We have been an industry leader in producing mouldings since our first moulder was installed in 1956.  Today we operate 12 moulders company wide, each of which has specific capabilities to match our customer’s diverse needs.  These capabilities include high speed machines that are design to run quantities exceeding 5,000LF, and the capability to run mouldings up to 11-1/2” wide.  Annually we run over 20,000,000 LF of mouldings.

To produce a moulding, a blank must first be ripped and surfaced to a standard size, a minimum of 1/8” of an inch wider and 3/16” thicker than the finished profile.  The blank is then fed into the moulder where the profile is cut into the blanks using between four and seven moulder heads.  On most of our moulders there are two heads on the top, two on the bottom, one on the left side, and one or two on the right side.  Each of the heads holds at least two knives that can be straight or have a profile ground into them.  Each of these heads spins, on a shaft or by direct drive, and cuts a profile into the wood.  When it feeds out the other end the blank has been milled into a finished profile. Additional options include PrimingProfile Sanding, and Custom Finishing. Custom finishing is available on all mouldings!

Mouldings of Almost Every Shape, Size & Profile

At the Rex Lumber Company we have the capability of running mouldings of almost every shape, size and profile imaginable. We can work from a new or historic sample, sketch, tracing, CAD drawing, or start from scratch to make a truly custom profile.  Profiles are created, duplicated or matched using our CAD system. For the cost sensitive customer we have over 1,100 profiles available for you to view, search and use in our online moulding catalog.

Want to Create a Stock Moulding Program?

Rex Lumber Company can also assist you in creating a stock moulding program that includes a wide selection of profiles. Our substantial inventory of domestic and tropical hardwoods and softwood, many of which are available as FSC® Certified, can all be used to produce mouldings.  All FSC® Certified lumber that we run into mouldings retains its chain of custody and certification, and are also LEED Point eligible.  We can also run many specialty items like reclaimed or antique lumber, Fire Retardant Poplar or Red Oak, MDF and PVC.


Moulding profiles of running trim are sold as random length and are measured through a lineal foot meter. Selected length material is also available. Cut to Length service is also available.


Our moulding capacity includes running mouldings as small as 1/8” thick and / or 1/4” wide and can be as large as 4-1/2” thick and / or 11-1/2” wide.  Please note that the maximum sizes do vary based on the overall shape and overall size, taking both width and thickness into account, of the mouldings as well the product that it is being run from.

Have Old, Dirty, or Obsolete Items in Your Inventory?

Let us turn them it into a new profile to help you move them!

Remanufacturing Customer Stock

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