Custom Glue-up

Rex Lumber Company has the ability to provide glued-up blanks for panels, handrail, treads, posts, and wide or thick mouldings. Our glue-up capabilities allow us to make large mouldings from lumber species that are not typically available in thickness or widths required by laminating stock to the proper size blank. We have the capability of gluing up blanks for both width and thickness.

The GluingProcess

At Rex Lumber Company we use a 16’ clamp carrier system with hydraulic clamping and panel flattening. Prior to gluing the material, it needs to be prepped by ripping and or moulding. Once the material is prepped, we stage the pieces to be glued to make sure we have the best grain and color matching possible. After staging, glue is applied, and the material is placed in the glue clamps. When a clamp is full the carrier carriage is rotated and a fresh set up clamps is put in the workstation which can then be filled. Our standard glue is an interior, water-based glue, but we do also have exterior water resistant and waterproof glues available upon request. Our maximum width capacity is 28” wide, and the maximum thickness is 6” thick.


Custom gluing configurations can be fabricated to run complex or stepped moulding shapes while minimizing waste and helping you decrease your costs.

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