Cabinet Planing

Rex Lumber Company uses double sided, 30” heavy duty cabinet planers equipped with straight high-speed steel knives. These knives are sharpened regularly to insure a smooth finish. All lumber planed in the cabinet planer must first be “blanked” in the roughing planer to clean off mill/kiln dust and dirt as well as create uniform thickness. Cabinet planing is typically done after ripping to remove chipping from saw blades. Stock can be ripped from either one or both edges. Customers often purchase material planed 1/16” over final thickness to allow for sanding, especially for glued up panels.

Let Us Plane Stock for You

Our double-sided planer allows us to plane stock in one pass, rather than two passes required by single head planers, thus reducing time, allowing your staff to spend time on higher value operations. Wide Belt sanding is available after planing. Cabinet planer thickness capacity is up to 6” thick and as thin as ¼”. Width capacity is up to 28” wide.

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