PVC Custom Profiles

Stock or CustomPVC Mouldings

Your customers do not have to settle for the generic extruded mouldings, we can run your stock or custom mouldings in PVC.

Rex Lumber Company is set up to run custom cellular PVC mouldings just like any other wood profile. These are cut, not extruded, ensuring clean, crisp, and sharp details. Rex Lumber Company stocks high quality PVC in sheet form, thicknesses we stock are ¾”, 1”, and 1-1/4”. While we do stock PVC sheets, we can also run your PVC stock.

Crate Blanks forHandrails

Rex Lumber Company has the ability to laminate PVC to create blanks for handrails and other profiles larger than available thicknesses.  Special adhesives are required.

100% AcrylicExterior Primer

We offer priming with 100% acrylic exterior primer through our vacuum coater, the best finish for cellular PVC is Primed, Buffed, and & Primed.  When factory face is cut to make profiles, open cell foam interior is exposed which can give a rough or grainy appearance. While PVC will not rot or decay and is white throughout, dirt will accumulate in the open pores.  Priming will help fill in the open pores and reduce the rough appearance as well as help prevent dirt accumulation.

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