Wholesale Dentil Mouldings

What areDentil Mouldings?

A dentil moulding is a moulding that has a decorative tooth-like pattern in it.  The tooth-like pattern is often accomplished by running an insert. A series of dados are cut into the piece to form the tooth pattern.  The insert can then be glued and or nailed in place, and gives  the appearance that the moulding is one solid piece.

Rex Lumber Company manufactures stock dentil moulding inserts in both Red Oak and Poplar.  Dentil insert size and the size and spacing of dentil teeth may be customized.  Species other then Red Oak and Poplar are available as special order.

Rex Lumber Company also has a number of crowns and other mouldings designed to accept various dentil inserts. Custom profiles can also be designed or modified to accept dentil inserts.  To see some of our stock dentil mouldings please visit our online moulding catalog and view the Dentil category.

OrderWholesale Dentil Mouldings

If you cannot find a dentil moulding profile that meets your needs, please contact us. We will help you find the right moulding or can provide a custom dentil moulding option.



Measurements: 1-5/16" X 5-5/8"

  • Sanding, Priming and Custom Finishing available on all mouldings.
  • Most mouldings are available as Fire Retardant Treated Mouldings.
  • Most mouldings are available in MDF and PVC.


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    Crowns and other mouldings may be ordered with the dentil inserts installed or they can be shipped as separate parts and installed at a later time. Stock or custom designed dentil mouldings can be included in a stock moulding program. Combinations of embossing and dentil mouldings can be made to achieve a highly ornate moulding.

    Priming, sanding and finishing options are available on dentil mouldings. Dentil mouldings are also available as fire retardant coated. Rex Lumber works to your specifications and can spray almost any type of finish available. The best time to apply finish to wood is immediately after machining when it is clean and dry in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. Learn more about finishing options.

    We regularly ship from Maine to Miami and are competitively priced. Our trucks are equipped with curtain side beds to protect lumber and mouldings from weather and road dirt while in transport. We can also export around the world. Learn more about delivery options for your wholesale dentil moulding order.​

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