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Red Grandis Eucalyptus

Red Grandis Eucalyptus

General Description

The heartwood can vary in color from pale pink to medium pink. The sapwood, which is not always clearly differentiated from the heartwood, is typically paler. It has a uniform but moderately coarse-textured grain, which is usually straight or slightly interlocked. Red Grandis is a top quality solid wood product ideally suited for high end applications in furniture, cabinets, moldings, doors and windows, etc. Red Grandis offers an ecological alternative to many tropical hardwoods. Versatile and strong, this beautiful hardwood is 100% pure FSC®-certified.

General Properties

Red Grandis is of moderate hardness. It machines and turns well to a good smooth finish, and it takes fixings with no difficulty. It glues satisfactorily, and readily accepts paint, stain and polish.


Red Grandis is Durability Class 3 – moderately durable (e.g. windows and doors up to 30 years without treatment – test performed by TRADA Institute UK – October 2009).
Reg Grandis Properties

Main Uses

Quality furniture, joinery, turnery, carving, mouldings, doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, flooring, etc.

Red Grandis Grain Structure
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